Double era
China& Soontrue
Our new era of automatic packaging

In 1993, determined to change the backward status of China's food packaging machinery and long-term dependence on foreign technology, Soontrue Machinery founded in Foshan. In the same year, the first unit of pillow type food packaging machine PM100 was born, which was changed the history of manual packaging for baking industry in China, Soontrue also has become the first generation and pioneer of independent research &development and manufacture of food packaging machinery in China.

Keep a foothold
Mechanical equipment manufacturer with excellent quality

As a pioneer in the industry, Soontrue firmly to build the most advanced and high-quality automatic machinery at initial stage of pioneering. From 1993 to 2010, Soontrue positioned the brand vision as “Strive to be the mechanical equipment manufacturer with excellent quality”; And to explain this ideality by walking steadily in the forefront of industry development and accumulating good brand market reputation. When a workman wishes to get his work well done, he must have his tools sharpened first,Soontrue focus on automatic packaging machinery 17 years and make customer satisfied !

User-satisfied mechanical equipment supplier

In 2010,Soontrue have carried out the integration of group structure planning according to the status of enterprise scale , industrial chain and product line;At the same time, the brand culture concept has been comprehensively sorted out and systematically upgraded, and established the market conception “Everything is customer-oriented” ; In addition, Soontrue changed the brand vision from “User-satisfied mechanical equipment manufacturer” to “Become the international first-class mechanical equipment service provider ”, officially announced that the marketing transformation and promotion from “providing food packaging machinery products” transform into “automatic packaging solutions”.

Trustworthy mechanical equipment service provider

In 2017,Soontrue completed the second group structure planning integration, refined each production line , operation pattern and brand image recognition system based on professional segmentation, to intensify the concept of brand advantage “Product diversification,all-directional service”; Once again to upgrade the brand vision from “User-satisfied mechanical equipment supplier” to “Trustworthy mechanical equipment service provider”, steadily complete Soontrue brand “Manufacturer——supplier—— service provider” three steps.

Start from heart
Enlighten your easy life

As the newly launched brand slogan, “Enlighten your easy life” condensed the understanding of enterprise and business philosophy for over twenty years,and explained the essence and future of packaging automation industry; Soontrue has the forward-looking innovation breakthrough on the area of intelligentized manipulator, automatic case packing and intelligent catering,etc, which reflects Soontrue’s unique industry wisdom on the area to create requirements and guide demand. With Soontrue,there is infinite possibilities for easy life!